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Swiftly Improving Your Curb Appeal

When somebody drives by your home or business, one of the first things they’re going to notice is the exterior paint. If your paint surfacing is starting to fade or peel away, you don’t have to suffer embarrassing curb appeal – call the experts at Color Map Painting for fast and affordable exterior painting that meets your project requirements. From complete property repaints to distinct touchups and extra applications, the team at Color Map Painting is prepared to listen to your needs and develop the perfect solution for a swift job with minimal disruption to your business or your family’s privacy.

Not Recommended for DIYers

Painting a house may seem fairly simple, but there’s a lot more preparation and time-intensive work involved than meets the eye. For starters, you need to make sure you’re using paint that will stand up to the challenge of our local climate and seasonal weather. At Color Map Painting, our team can provide excellent and affordable product recommendations when you don’t already have a specific brand or color selected. We’ll work carefully to protect surfacing that isn’t being painted, and we’ll keep you informed as we make progress to completion. We want to eliminate all of the stress of painting by delivering an outstanding experience from beginning to end.

The outside of your home is the first thing that people see, and for those who merely pass by, it's the only thing that they see. At Color Map Painting we can give your home the face lift it most certainly deserves. As your paint starts to fade or peel, it is time to rejuvenate its outside look.

For many DIYers, painting can be a fun starter project, but when it comes to the exterior of your home, this is best left up to the professionals. Painting the outside of your home is not an easy task, and depending on the layout of your house, this can be a challenging task to complete high up on a ladder.

Why Choose to Paint Your Exterior

Painting the exterior of your home greatly improves the first impression. When it comes to curb appeal, the easiest and most cost effective change you can make is a fresh coat of paint.

reasons to paint house exterior


Painting your exterior is not just about aesthetics. You want to protect your investment. When you repaint the trim on your windows, you can also make sure your windows are properly caulked. Painting will also protect your home from the elements, providing an extra layer to protect from weather damage, rotting, and dust. Properly maintaining an exterior paint job,will also prevent future damage to the home.


When painters come in to paint the exterior, this is a great time to examine the condition of the home, finding anything that needs repair, including mold, mildew and even places where there is water damage or rotting and needs replacing. From a general maintenance standpoint, having a professional paint the exterior of your home can be a great time to really address any of these small issues.


Painting the exterior of your home is not a small task. Not only is it time consuming, but for those that are not experienced, it can be dangerous as well. Hiring a professional can eliminate the hassle and ensure that the job is done safely and executed well.

One of the biggest hassles of painting the exterior is the prep work. In order to make sure it’s done properly, there cannot be any peeling paint. Before you can even begin painting, the entire home needs to be pressure washed. If you have any lead paint, this process becomes even more complicated. After the house has been pressure washed, now is a good time to check for any damage, and make any repairs that are necessary. Finally, before the painting can begin, it is important to make sure all of the windows are caulked. Then all the windows, fixtures, roofs, bricks, etc, all need to be masked in preparation for the painting. Often, two coats are applied to the exterior of home. As you can see, this is a long process requiring a high level of preparation and skill. Hiring a professional can eliminate the headache of this entire process.


If you are trying to sell your home, painting the exterior can greatly increase the value. Without investing a lot of money, you can improve your curb appeal and make your house stand out.

Exterior Painting Portland

If you are living in the Portland area, and trying to find Portland painting contractors to increase the curb appeal of your home, then look no further. Color Map Painting is a local company that knows how to find the right paint that works well in Portland’s rainy weather, protecting your home from all potential weather damage.

House Painters Portland Oregon

house painters portland oregon

When trying to find a house painter, choosing local is always better. We work hard to protect our local reputation. We live and work in the area, so we know how important it is to bring satisfaction to all of our customers. Another great reason to choose local is to boost the economy of your community. As a local company, with all the supplies we use, we try to support local businesses as well. Another added benefit of choosing a local company, is the ability to actually see the contractors completed projects in the surrounding area.

When it comes to protecting your investment, painting the exterior of your home is one of the single most important things that you will do. At Color Map Painting, we have 16 years of experience, and have worked with a wide variety of surfaces. Whether you have wood, plastic, or stucco, we know how to prepare for your specific painting needs. With Color Map Painting, you will always have fair pricing and satisfaction guaranteed.